This problem is really starting to naff me off now. We've forked out for ,
all the Vertia$ software and I still can't get the IDR working. From the
look of this group.... IDR is causing lots of nightmares

I'm stuck with using it though so can anyone please help me?

I have two IDENTICAL test servers. Both are Dell 2400 poweredge. Both have
2X9GB disks in identical PERSC 2SI mirror configurations. I backup Server
'A' all OK. Using a BOOT cd taken from Server 'A' I start the IDR proceedure
on Server 'B'. Everything runs FINE until after I'm done restoring everything.
I reboot... and I get the BSOD boot device error. GGGGRRRR!

Yeah I've pressed F6 to add the PERC2 driver when I started the restore and
the boot.ini is the same as the old working config of server B. So why the
BSOD? Is there some disk signature thing.. maybe a further registry edit?

Help please!