Hi all,
I am trying to backup data through an Agent to an external SCSI HP40 Dat
drive. The agent is working because I can backup the data to an internal
tape drive. I have tried installing different HP and Seagate drives to no
avail. When I have the backup Exec driver loaded, it doesn't show in Tape
devices, and will work the first time, but that's it!
Any ideas please. Here's the Log message:
Job Operation - Backup
Media operation - overwrite.
Hardware compression enabled.
================================================== ====================
Performing Remote Agent backup
Backup completed on 6/08/01 at 14:38:54 .
Backed up 0 files in 0 directories.
Processed 0 bytes in 1 second.
Throughput rate: 0.0 MB/min
================================================== ====================
Job ended: Monday, 6 August 2001 at 14:39:42
Job completion status: Failed