I am getting the below message when trying to backup the Schema using Backup
Exec v8.6 build 3808 rc5 (Intel) (English). from and NT 4.0 SP6a machine
that is backing up a Netware 5.1 support pack 2a server. Any idea why it
would try to initialize a Remote Agent for Windows NT???

Unable to initialize Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 - performing standard

Media Name: "Media created 8/3/01 12:39:49 PM"
Backup of "SPORTSTER.Novell Directory/COPELCOCAPITAL/Schema: "
Backup set #5 on storage media #1
Backup set description: "sportster"
Backup Type: FULL - Back Up Files - Reset Archive Bit
Backup started on 8/3/01 at 2:09:54 PM.

Backup completed on 8/3/01 at 2:10:13 PM.
Backed up 0 files in 1 directory.
Processed 155,030 bytes in 19 seconds.
Throughput rate: 0.5 MB/min