I'm running BackupExec NT/2000 8.5 on Win2K Pro, backing up a remote Netware
5 server withOUT the Remote Agent installed. My problem is that though the
backups seem to go fine, restoring does not work. I get a blank file the
same size as the original file--with no data. I asked BE tech support on
this, and they sent me this message:

"To access the Novell servers under the SMS branch of Backup Selections, the
BE Agent for Netware must be installed on the Netware server. This allows
you to restore directly to the Netware server. If you do not need to restore
directly to the Netware server, then select the Netware server from the
Entire Network|Netware branch of Backup Selections. The necessary TSAs must
be running on the Netware servers to back them up."

I don't have the BE Agent for Netware, and so I am not using the SMS branch.
I've been using the Entire Network|Netware branch, which results in the
restore problem previously described.
The problem now is, being an NT/2000 guy, I really don't have the slightest
clue how to verify or load the "necessary TSAs". To be honest, I don't even
know what the necessary TSAs are or where to find them. (Although I did
Google a reference to local backups on a Netware server using SBackup, but
it was for NW 4.11. It gives me an idea, but I'm wary of crashing the
Netware server, which I've done before with PPPRNS, which evidently won't
work on NW 5!).
Can anybody explain this to me? Thanks for any advice or pointers...