Ok we are a hosting facility using Backup Exec as a solution for our
NT servers. Here is the configuration.

One server hosting.x.com where we have our Main AD controller for our
hosting facility. This controller has about 10 servers under (NT 4.0
and 2K) it in the domain and we can backup everything just fine
(Server and Advanced).

Then we have 3 customer configurations where they are setup as a new
domain in the same forest (Also nt 4.0 and 2k so NO native mode
access). I've created a global security group and placed this user in
it and then joined this group and user in the group into the other
domains backup groups. I can backup everything Except the System
States of the servers in the other domains.

I've screwed around with things alot and I'm kind of looking for a
exact check list of what I need to have to pull this off as I'm about
to do a forth and need to get it right.