I believe there is a potential problem when using the Netware IPX/SPX
protocol with the Remote Agent for NT/2000. Here are the details:

We are running BENT v8.6 on Windows 2000 Server SP2. When configuring BENT,
our Options->Network dialog box had both "Enable Agents using TCP/IP
protocol" and "Enable Agents using Netware IPX/SPX protocol" enabled. The
client is a Windows 2000 Professional SP2 machine running the Remote Agent
for NT/2000 (RANT) v8.6. In this configuration, the machine running RANT
crashed each and every time it was backed up, quickly after starting the
backup. When the "Enable Agents using Netware IPX/SPX protocol" was
unchecked, the machine running RANT completed the backup successfully.

We have a Novell Netware 4.10 server on our network. We recently removed all
of our 10BaseT hubs and replaced them with 10/100BaseT switches. The Netware
clients for all computers had to be reconfigured from "Auto Detect" to
"Ethernet 802.3" when the switches were installed. By default, the Windows
Netware client tries to detect what type of physical network is installed by
looking at network traffic. Now that traffic is isolated by network
switches, it can't find what it needs when set to "Auto Detect" and waits a
very long time and eventually times out. We generally find TCP/IP to be more
immune from weird problems like this.