I am attempting to validate BackupExec 8.5 for use on our network. I can
recover a failure of the backup server with few problems. When attempting
to recover a network server using the IDR option I am unable to restore a
bootable system. I removed the original SCSI drives and replaced them with
2 new ones (not the same manufacturer as the orignials). The IDR process
appears to perform correctly, loads a base OS and prompts for the backup
media. It is unable to find the backup device on the network. I skip the
automated portion and go for a manual restore from the backup server. The
process continues as expected and prompts me to restart the server to complete
the process. Upon restart I get an error message "A disk read error has
occurred, press ctl+alt+del to restart". I attempted to use the console
to replace the boot.ini file with the one created during the recovery process
thinking that the recovered boot.ini was the culprit. I get the same response.
Any suggestions?