I am running BackupExec 7.3 on WinNT 4.0 and have recently started
experiencing very slow restores. As a test I am trying to restore about
11MB and redirecting it to another folder on the server. It restores 100
Bytes and then does nothing. At other times it will do 50% and then do
nothing for hours.

I have looked at the tape drive and it shows that the there is activity
happening. I have checked things like permissions and disk space but this
is not the problem.

I thought it may be the tape so I catalogued the tape on a different backup
server and then did a test restore, the 11MB took 3 minutes to complete so
it can't be the tape.

I have looked through the newsgroup and the knowledge base but have found
nothing that helps.

Has anybody experienced the same problem at all or knows or anything to fix
this as it causes quite a few problems.