I'm having a hard time deciding which product to implement - NetBackup or
Backup Exec. Here's my situation:

100% NT/2000 environment (always will be)
Full (Saturday)= .75TB
Incremental (Sun - Fri) = ???
Potential for 1.5TB by 2003
Have a STK 9710 (252-slot, 10 drive) library (will be adding slots soon)
Currently have a SAN in place
Currently have about 60 clients being backed up nightly

My vendor keeps pushing NetBackup on me, but I don't understand why. Is
there really any benefit? Data Interleaving (up to 32 parallel streams)
seems to be a benefit that Backup Exec doesn't have....is that a decision
maker? Are there benchmark figures anywhere that show what kind of a benefit
you get by using data interleaving? Does it speed your backups up THAT much???
Can anybody enlighten me? Thanks in advance!