I am running BENT 8.5 on a stand alone Win2K server. It used to have an old
DDS2 tape drive in it and used the 4mmdat--VRTS drivers for backup. I have
since changed the tape drive, and now the drivers appear to be coming from
Win2K instead of Veritas (I still don't understand how this all relates with
the removeable storage stuff in MMC). Anyway, the backups work fine, but
every time I bootup the server I get a message in the event log - "The following
boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:
4mmdat--VRTS". I used to be able to go in to Control Panel|Devices in Windows
NT and tell the driver not to load at startup. I don't see how to do this
in Win2K. How do I accomplish this now??