We have some servers on different vlans (same switch). The backup exec server
is on one and it can see all the servers on that particular vlan. Is there
a way to tell backup exec about the servers it can't see? I am assuming it
uses the Windows Browser Service to see what exists on its segment. We would
prefer to kill the browser service on these particular vlans and would like
to use DNS only. (hey! This IS a pure Windows 2000 environment!). So, I suppose
I have two questions.
1) How can I make Backup Exec Aware of servers on other segments?
2) IS there a way to force backup exec to use DNS names instead of netbois
names? (for server and file Selections)
I have thought of playing with the lmhosts file on the backup server but
don't expect this to yield much.

Note: I can Ping the servers on the other vlans from the backup server using
both IP and DNS registered names.