When trying to install remote agent for 2000/NT onto a NT 4.0 Server with
SP5 the following comes up in the event viewer:

Event ID: 10009
Source: DCOM
Type: Error
DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer WWLNTRACK01 using any of
the configured protocols.

Veritas comes back with following error even though the username and password
are correct:

The account name and/or password supplied is not valid. Please re-enter the
login info and try again.

Also getting following message in the Application Event log:
Event ID: 0
Source: BE Push Install
Type: Info
the description for event id (0) in source (be push install) could not be
found. it contains the following insertion string(s):
CoBE Setup,376,10,\\wwlntrack01,wwlntrack01\administrat or.

Can anyone help?