Hi folks,

Got a little problem here....
I'v got 2 W2K servers, advanced server installed and service pack 2 installed.
We are about to use load balancing.
I think I've tried about everything, but I keep getting the error message
like this:

================================================== ====================
Job server: BSMTERM2
Job name: Daily backup
Job started: vrijdag 22 juni 2001 at 23:00:02
Job type: Backup
Log file: BEX01.txt
================================================== ====================
Unable to attach to BSMTERM.

^ ^ ^ ^

Drive and media information from media mount:
Changer Name:
Drive Name: COMPAQ 1
Media Slot: 0
Media Cartridge Label: Seagate 2001/05/11.21:03:40
Targeted Media Set Name: Media Set 1

Can anyone help me solving this problem??
Thanx in Advance