The agent accelerator for Win 2k does not start on my Win 2k server. I get
the following msg. in Even Viewer:

The Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 service failed to start due
to the following error:
Access is denied.

BENT logs the error as follows:
Remote Agent for Windows NT/2000 not present - performing standard backup
WARNING: Backup servers cannot completely protect remote Windows 2000
servers or workstations unless the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows
NT/2000 is installed and running on each remote Windows 2000 server or
workstation to be protected. Data loss can occur if the Remote Agent for
Windows NT/2000 is not running while backing up remote Windows 2000

When I try to start the Agent within the Services applet, I get a msg.
stating "Access Denied". I've checked permissions for the agent - running on
the admin account, with the verified password. theoretically, it should run.

Is there a way to have BENT NOT throw out a FAILED JOB status, from within
the registry - just so I can have a clean job history? My b/u jobs are fine,
just this agent not optimizing the b/u job...


Martin E.
God bless you...