I am trying to use a Compaq 20/40 DDS-4 autoloader with
BE 8.5 running on NT4 Server Service Pack 6A. The autoloader has a single
DAT drive with capacity for 8 tapes.

I installed the Autoloader Module when I installed BE.
I understand I do not require the Libray module in order
to use a single autoloader.

I can successfully write to each tape in the autoloader when I manually move
the tapes but I want to be able to automatically write specific backup jobs
to specific tapes, e.g. Monday's backup to tape 1, Tues to tape 2 etc.

From looking at other postings on this newsgroup, I think I
think I need to configure partitions and point the jobs to particular partitions.

I can't find the option to create partitions, must my drive must be recognised
as a "Changer" before I can do this ?

BE currently shows the tape unit as a "Stand-alone" drive rather than a "Changer".

The tape device is listed as "Compaq TSL 10000"
I have installed the Veritas driver, sonysdx.sys

Under NT, Control Panel, Devices, the tape device is shown
as Compaq TSL 10000 but not driver is shown. However, the Devices
window shows the Sonysdx driver as started.

Any help gratefully received,


Stephen Barnett