Hi All
Can you help me out here?
I have been having problems with drive not responding error recently. Anyway,
by reading some suggestions from you people, i have set the NIC and switch
setting to half duplex on the backup server, and one of the server that i
backup. This seems to have done wonders. Alot of errors have disappeared..
even those corrupt file messages disappeared. Anyway, ive only done one test,
so this could be just a coincedence.
Anyway, another thing that got me concerned is that, the "received overrun"
count on the NIC is rather high on the backup server, compared to other servers.
I guess receiving high amount of data for backups is to blame. Im sure this
would reduce the performance of the backup, as the server will be stopping
this transmission and telling the server to retry when the buffer is not
full. Does anyone know a simple fix for this? Is there a buffer setting i
can adjust? Is this a NIC issue or DLT drive issue?
I am using Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP/AUI NIC. (Netflx3.sys
Set at 100/Half.
Also, using Quantum DLT7000 drive.

And the