I have added a Compaq Proliant ML530 to my servers and have been attempting
to get it backed up. Backups on all other NT4 and Win2K boxes. mail,
databases still running fine. Backup server is 8.5 3572 on Win2K Sp1 with
Exchange, SQL, Open Files, IDR, etc. Target server is BackOffice 2000
(Exchange and SQL 2000 on Win2K Sp1). Loading the accelerator and/ or open
files makes no difference - this seems to occur with or without them
installed. I can see everything I need to on the server and define it in
the jobs (Exchange and SQL 2000 MMC snap-ins active) but as soon as I fire
one off, it starts backing up at well over 100 mb/min and almost immediately
starts slowing down until it hits a rate of zero after 5-15 minutes. When I
look at the server I see that it rebooted shortly after the backup started.
This happens whether I back up just data stores, just disk files, or both.
Any ideas what the problem is? There is nothing like it on the veritas kb
that I have found after several days of looking. About the only thing I
seem to be able do with BE and this server is to "schedule" a dirty
shutdown - not a desirable feature.