I need an opinion on how to best design my backup services. Currently I
have one BE 8.5 server running Win2K Adv Srv connected to my SAN. It has
all the plugins including the remote agents. I have installed the agents on
my NT/2000/Netware servers (approx 15 servers) and have scheduled the master
box to backup each one every night. Since I am using an Autoloader on my
SAN backups are very fast. Only my NAS device is a bit slow since I can not
apply the agent. I do full backups every night with plenty of time to
spare. My question is should I continue like this or install the main
program on all the servers connected to the SAN and point them to the master
server? What are the pros/cons of each scenario? I have plenty of licenses
for everything so that is not an issue. Also if I go to NetBackup in the
future doesnt it work in a similar fashion with the agents?

Sorry about the length.

Ken Watts