Using Backup Exec 8.5 rev 3571

I'm trying to back up a remote exchange server and all the associated
mailboxes, however if I try to create a backup job, I can click on Entire
Network, then Microsoft Windows Network, but I I click on our domain it
gives the following error :

An invalid operation was attempted on an active network connection

If I check the event viewer logs on the backup server I get these:

Unable to load the file ESEBCLI2.DLL. This dynamic link library is used to
backup and restore Microsoft Exchange Servers. EDBBCLI.DLL is used by
Microsoft Exchange 5.x. ESEBCLI2.DLL is used by Microsoft Exchange 2000. If
the specified DLL is for a version of Exchange Server that you do not wish
to support, you may ignore this warning.
Error code: 126
Error message: The specified module could not be found.

All the relevant Agents and serial numbers are entered correctly but still
we cannot get Backup Exec to back up

Jeff Richardson
Adept Systems (Hull) Ltd