Dear Sirs

I encounter an error message saying "String variable not large enough for
character set (error 401)" when trying to install a disaster recovery additional
remote license v8.5. I followed the suggestions to install the november patch
for the german version of backup exec v8.5 but the error still occurs.
The installation of a generic IDR Option succeeds without errors.

My environment:
W2K German with "German (Germany)" region settings.
W2K SP2 (after several trials with SP1)
Backup Exec 8.5 3572 RC9 German
November Patch for IDR Option (Reinstalled BE as advised)
Compaq Proliant ML 370 with AIT LVD DRReady Tape Drive
(Image creation with generic IDR Option License successfull)

Any help is very welcome.

Amand Knechtle
xerxes AG