At present I'm testing the IDR procedure on a test Small Business
server. It consists of a primary dos boot partition 800mb and a NTFS system
partition. I reformatted the dos partition to FAT16 and deleted the NTFS
partition. Using the recovery diskettes I'm trying to restore the Server.

Problem 1. During the recovery procedure I get the error message after diskette
#3 that it can not find a suitable dos partition for the setup. I do not
have this problem starting a partial install using the CD install option
winnt /b. Discontinuing the install after about 2% has been copied to the
HD I then continue with the Setup diskettes.
Problem 2. After diskette #3 it asks for the IDR diskette whereupon it is
incapable of copying any files from the diskette which obviously are on the
IDR diskette.
Has anyone experienced this problem. Your advice would be appreciated