I have somewhat of a strange problem that I am hoping someone will be able
to help me resolve.

Problem: Not able to backup C:\ on a server (receieve: unable to attach to
\\servername\c$ access is denied) - BUT the backup is able to backup another
partition on the same system same?

Situation: In same domain as backup server. System has 2 ip addresses (1
Public & 1 Private) which is the root of the problem. The private ip address
(lan) is an alias to the NIC. This configuration causes a problem with the
networking seeing it in the browse list (I can map a network drive to both
partitions). To fix this problem I added a second NIC - assigned it the
private ip address - which did not fix the problem. So I switched the ip
addresses - which caused a problem with the public connection. So - I mapped
a drive to both drives and attempted to run a backup and as stated previously,
it was not able to backup the c:\ drive but is able to backup another drive
on same system. What gives? In case you are wondering, I have updated our
local DNS server as well with correct ip addresses. I can ping test server
byname and ip address. nslookup works for both.

Help Please:?