I have this reoccuring problem with backups failing at or near the end of
the job. Stats:

1.)NT 4.0 server
2.)Backup Exec 8.0
3.)Accelerator Agents on servers/client
4.)Software Compression enabled
5.)Compression selected on the Compaq backup device

With compression I am getting 2.2-3.6 to 1 compression or higher on some
servers. The problem is when it backs up successfully its about 60 Gigs,
however about 1/2 the time it fails around 58 Gigs and ejects the tape.
When you reinsert the tape in the morning to "complete" the job, receive
error that data (Backup sets) have already been written and then it writes
"failed job" to the logs. I can restore up to the point of failure. See
log below. Thanks in advance.

cardFront.psd <--last file backed up on this job

Drive and media information from media mount:
Changer Name:
Drive Name: COMPAQ 1
Media Slot: 0
Media Cartridge Label: Monday Latham Daily
Targeted Media Set Name: Media Set 1
The media provided to continue the backup already contains data
from one or more sets created during this operation.
The operation can not be continued

Backup completed on 5/22/01 at 8:43:27 AM.
Backed up 29371 files in 3058 directories.
Processed 4,100,521,958 bytes in 15 minutes and 27 seconds.
Throughput rate: 253.1 MB/min
Software compression ratio: 2.2:1

================================================== ===============
Job ended: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at 8:43:27 AM
Job completion status: Failed
================================================== ===============