I'm having trouble backing up the System State on a Windows 2000 server running
BE 8.5 Rev 3572. The server is running IIS 5.0 and Active Directory. The
log file shows no error. The adamm.log file shows the following message:

[2072] 05/21/01 21:03:24 PvlMoverSession::Release()
Job ID = 584469486, Job Name = "System State Backup"
Drive = {F45B4E8D-1674-4332-8CB9-4063B959946B} "Quantum 1"
Media = {70BCBA7B-4D63-48A3-B5BA-4BE77E65E384} "test"
Error: The session has been prematurely released!

When the error occurs the "Backup Exec Job Engine" stops. The Job is listed
as "Running" in the Backup Exec Console and proves difficult to abort. All
other backup jobs complete successfully. Any help would be greatly appreciated.