My problem started when I selected the wrong cartridge type for my drives,
to change this I was recomended to delete my drives and so I did but now
Backup Exec is no longer able to find them.
I've tryed reinstalling Backup Exec without any result and I've tryed everything
in the device wizard can anyone please help??
I am using the "device configuration wizard", Backup Exec is not able to
detect my tape drives, I then select "Configure devices" and display tape
devices it then display my three tape drives and it says driver loaded.
When I choose to install "Veritas device drivers" it is not able to find
my tape drives. I the choose the "Details button" and in the list that comes
up there all my drives are listed but under the post "change" it says no
change and under the post "state" it says unknown. Can someone please hlep
me with this??