I have a question is about Backup Exec 8.5 Server Edit-IDR
Please Kindly to help me to find out the answer.

Last Thursday, I was try to use IDR to recovery our customer's w2k server.
first,i was full backup my Remote server and backup server ,I was use the
IDR wizard to create 5 disk(4 disks for Windows Setup,1 disk for DR)
After this,i reboot my remote server and use those 5 disk to recovery,
I was followed the procedure to setup the windows 2000,When the server
finish the copy job,it was reboot.When the syetem boot into the GUI screen.
The Screen pop a window ,It was prompted me "block 0 error was found ,you
need to reboot your system".When i click the botton,the system was
reboot,and it
start in loops.

Windows 2000 Server (Chinese Tradition)

Backup server :
IBM 240

Remote Client:
Acer Altos 600
ATL powerstor L200

Windows 2000 Server Chinese Tradition
Backup Server:
Backup Exec 8.5 Server Edition
IDR-remote client
Remote Client

Windows 2000 Server Chinese Tradition
Remote Agent:

Thank you very very much~~~