As part of a Disaster Recovery drill, I am attempting the restoration of our
Exchange 5.5 (SP4) server.

The backups are performed using a 15-slot HP library and backups frequently
span tapes. (normal for a library)
The recovery server only has a single drive however.
I've restored the Catalog folder and Inventoried the required tapes prior
to the restore.

Problem: When restoring the Exchange IS, the restore job fails when it reaches
the end of the first tape. BackupExec does not prompt for the second tape
to continue. The log contains the message "Media mount failed. Physical
Volume Library Media not found."

How do I make BackupExec ask for the next tape when using a single tape drive?

The MediaFix and SpanFix patches are NOT loaded on the backup server but
ARE loaded on the recovery server. (Details below)
Many thanks in advance!


BackupExec 7.3 (Build 2575 revised) (2570 used during backup)
MediaFix patch applied. (However, not on the live backup server)
SpanFix is already part of 2575 revised.
NT 4.0 SP5
Exchange 5.5 SP4
BE Modules = MultiServer, Loader, shared Storage, Exchange, SQL
(Loaded MultiServer & Exchange for restore. Loader didn't help)
HP 7115w Library for the actual backup.
Single DLT7000 tape drive for the restore.