When we attempt to restore a SQL7.0 database to a different server we get
the following error:

An error occurred on a query to database ISOONLINE.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
SQL Server returned the following error message:

Read on '\\.\pipe\BackupExecSqlAgent-{8b370d0d-4a0d-11d5-987f-00508b6f2a38}-01'
failed, status = 109. See the SQL Server error log for more details.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The restore loads anywhere from 22GB to 59GB of the database (total 130GB
database). Restores of smaller databases(5 or 6GB) work fine. Does anyone
know any issues with restoring databases of this size? Or what the error
means. SQL log file shows '\\.\pipe...' error sometimes or no errors at

We are running Windows NT Enterprise Edition 4.0 SP6a, a DLT 35/70, and BackupExec