I have 9 servers running either Seagate BackUp Exec v.7 or Veritas BackUp
Exec v.7.2. Each server has identical jobs set for each day of the week
- each job running at 4.30 am to back up the data from the day before. One
server, running the Seagate version has a problem running the job every Wednesday.
Each week I get the message that the tape is overwrite protected. Each
week, on a Tuesday I check that the tape is blue showing no overwrite period.
The tape is in the correct media set and to all intents and purposes looks
the same as every other day.

I have
removed the job from the daily jobs and set it up as an entirely new job.
replaced the tape with a brand new tape

On a Wednesday morning, if I cancel the job that is trying to load, move
the tape into Scratch media to remove the overwrite protection and then manually
start the job, everything runs fine. This however, is not a satisfactory
solution as by the time I can do this I have users on the system and so files
are skipped as they are open and the back up takes a lot longer to run.
The problem is starting to repeat itself on a Friday with the same server
but none of the others.

Anyone any ideas?