Thu 5/17 12:55pm EST

Re: Patch 2575 Causes Unusually Long Virus Scan

Dear Veritas Tech Support:

I recently applied patch bnt73i03.exe to bring me from Backup Exec v.7.3
bld 2371 to Backup Exec

v.7.3 bld 2575 on a Win NT 4.0 SP6 NOS. I have not applied any other patches
at this time.

I then deleted all of the existing Job Definitions because I had not created
the originals, and I

wanted to "cleanly" start over by redefining them. Upon execution of one
of the jobs, I have

noticed that it is taking MUCH MUCH longer to perform the initial virus scan.
In fact, it has

taken 4 hours and it is still not finished. Before the update to 2575, the
virus scan took

minutes to complete.

Why is this happening?

Please reply ASAP because I have not had a good backup in several days.

Jason Alden