Sytsem Config:
Compaq 1600R P3 550, 512megs, 3x18GB drives,Raid 5 (HW)
BackupExec Ver 8.5 Build 3572
Windows NT 4 Server, Srv pk 6
Exchange 5.5, Srv pk 4
I am getting the following message window every night near the end of
the backup job;
OFO: Insufficient resources exist to initialize OFO Drive C:

I also get this window for drive E as well.
This also happens to be the 2 partitions that actually backup each night
on that server. I have OFO saving its static volume location on e:\BEA_Temp
. I have the inital static volume size set at 1000 and the max set to 6000,
and the min quiet time set to 5 seconds with a max of 5 minutes. This is
causing the backups to fail each any every night. Any idea what could be
the cause??
This server is not only the main tape backup server, but is the Exchange
server as well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!