Here is my running Config:
CPU = Dell PowerEdge 4300
OS = WinNT 4.0 sp4
BE = 7.3
TAPE = Quantum DLT7000 35/70
DRVS = Veritas Drivers on BE CD
Other: Exchange 5.5 with BE Agent

I have a job that is scheduled to run every night at Midnight. Some of the
job options are Overwrite Media and Eject Tape after job completed, I have
also done the registry edit to set the timeouts on notifications so we don't
receive a million and a half emails saying "Please remove the media from
the Drive".

From what I can tell the job does run and completes 100% successful. The
problem is that when I come in the morning and load BE it Hangs on "Initializing
the User Interface..." and the eject light on the drive is not on and the
tape can not be manually ejected.

At this point I have to power off the server in order to remove the tape.
Once this is done and the server has rebooted I can then load BE and I find
that the job was 100% succesful. I can run test backups from the console
with the same job options and have no problem. The problem only seems to
exist with a scheduled backup.

Any thoughts or Ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Patrick Fitchie