Need a couple of clarifications on Media management for BackupExec 8.5..
any suggestions plz

1. Media :
> We want to know how much space we have consumed on the Tape Drive & how

much space is available for backup, You told me on phone that we can catalog
Media & find the detail but after cataloging media I found the detail of
bytes written, bytes read but there was no details of the space blank on
the media. Also pls let me know that what is difference between bytes written
& bytes read because both figures differ to eachother in media catalog report.
> Secondly please note that we are using HP tape drive, where we can erase

or overwrite the tape drive upto a certain limit, so how we can know that
how many times we have overwritten the media & how many times we have erased
> Thirdly how to erase the media and how to prevent from erasing it.
> 2. Restore :
> While restoring a file from the media to a different destination the path

of the file is also restored which we don't want, we just want to restore
the particular file to the defined folder (destination), so please workout
> on the same how we can avoid restoring the path.
> 3. Job Report :
> Report of the backup/restore jobs executed in detailed format. As what

is the size of the backup/restore, date/time of backup/restore, time taken
for the backup/restore, for each individual jobs we want.
> 4. Back up of Win 2000 OS or Win NT :
> How to take backup of machine having Win 2000 or Win NT operating system
> other than the server. For backup - Installation of Remote Agent is
> required or User has to be defined on the server. Pls advise.