Hi, I previously had a NT4Server Computer named MASTERMIND with SQL2000

The SQL-Server named mastermind\mastermind because it was an evaluation
version which was installed parallel to SQL7. So the setup didn't give the
choice to install a standard installation.

So the SQl-Backups were made from that named instance of SQL2000

these days the computer was completely renewed with Win2000 on it and
SQl2000 running (as the standard installation)

now I want to restore the databases including master.

All tries failed because the destination is not reachable.

1) the new SQL2000 can be accessed and saved by BackupExec
2) I first tried to restore without a "detour" - failed because
mastermind\mastermind could not be reached.
3) A detour to mastermind (no named instance set) failed also, again
complainig about mstermind\mastermind

Whatever I Do I can't keep backupExec from trying to connect to

What can i do ?

P.S.: I had a partial success to restore the user databases but all stored
procedures and views were missing because the master database was not
I started SQL2000 in single user mode and have the problems stated above now

Nicolas Nickisch

Excuse me for my bad english