BENT 8.0 NT/2000 is intermittently causing its remote server to bluescreen
and crash. The server being backed up is fairly new. Dual PIII800 Compaq
DL380 with 50gb raid5 and 512mb of ram. NT4 is on a 2gb partition raid 1
w/ Agent accelerator. Is it because the agent accelerator is taking up all
my scratch disk space as it caches in files to be backed up? Or something

LogCrashes as you see the Drive is not responding text)

Performing Agent Accelerated backup

Media Name: "Media created 04/02/01 09:00:00 PM"
Backup of "\\BASEMS\F$ "
Backup set #1 on storage media #1
Backup set description: "RSIM Standard"
Backup Type: NORMAL - Back Up Files - Reset Archive Bit
Backup started on 4/2/01 at 9:00:19 PM.
File "bsi.ldb" in use - Backed up.
File "bsi.mdw" in use - Backed up.
File "Orphan Files 99.xls" in use - Backed up.
File "Clown Roadshow Calendar.doc" in use - Backed up.
File "Attendance Lion Group.xls" in use - Backed up.
Drive is not responding. Backup set aborted.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Backup completed on 4/2/01 at 9:52:42 PM.
Backed up 75948 files in 2682 directories.
5 files were in use
Processed 13,498,155,996 bytes in 52 minutes and 23 seconds.
Throughput rate: 245.7 MB/min