I've got two problems. The first one has always existed and I have no idea
as to how to fix it.
But first, a little info:

Registered version of BENT 8.5 b3572 rc9 ( but i just installed this one
this morning, I was one build back before )
NT 4.0 SP6a
Using Onstream's drivers.
Onstream SC-50 ( cheap, but effective, only 13 employees to worry about )
Backing up only a data drive, so there's no OS issues, or at least I don't
think there are because I know that trying to back up my boot drive will
give a blue screen every time.
Buslogic 948 SCSI card.
Software from Disk Admin RAID 1 ( mirror ) in place.

Does this thing prohibt the delete key or is mine just broken?

I think that's it, but I can send more if necessary.

Problem one.

For some reason the server locks up during the verify process. The drive
light is on, and the cursor moves, but it's like 99.999% of the server is
gone. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work and the only way to get out is to turn the
server off and then restart. It does it always do this, and I sometimes
can get a full back up off, but most of the time I cannot. If I disable
verification it seems to work, but now I've run into problem 2.

Problem 2.

I'm now getting a blue screen of death some time during a back up. I have
no idea why it happens, but I do know that it's BENT that causes it. The
only answer I get from Veritas is that the problem is too complex to solve
via email and will require phone support.

Ok, this no delete key thing reall sux.

Thanx in advance for any help. If possible, send me a reply via email, but
if it's too much of a hassle just reply here.