I have an ADIC Scalar 220 partitioned into 20 partitions, one for each
tape. I then created a job for each slot, used advanced scheduling option
to put individual days in for each slot. This way we backup each workday
onto 1 slot, so the first workday of each month is always slot one, 2nd
workday is always slot 2, and so on. I scheduled it until 12/31/2001. I ran
fine for the first week, then I noticed it was showing multiple jobs for the
same days, using different slots. Today it showed 11 slots scheduled for
tonights backup. I checked my schedules to verify it wasn't my mistake, out
of the 11 scheduled jobs only 1 had todays date. Also, it was completing
full backups for each slot it showed under the Job Monitor area. I deleted
all scheduled jobs since it wasn't working right anyway. But I don't want to
reschedule for the rest of the year until I know how to keep this problem
from reocurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Erik Riddick