Ok, here's the short version:

While implementing a first time install of BE 8.5 (on a Win2K workstation)
and the Novell SMS Agent (for two NetWare 4.1 servers), I'm running into
the following:

The install goes smoothly. The server end appears to be completely functional.
However, one server doesn't show at all (it's too far away - see below),
while the other server disappears after a while.

The *cause* is fairly simple. The Event Viewer shows the following at boot
time (or any time I restart the Agent Browser service):

Event ID 57422: The Agent Browser's NetWare SAP module experienced an error
while trying to receive advertisements. The Agent Browser can no longer
listen for SAP advertisements.

Of course, determining what to *do* about that is another matter entirely.
I've already been through the knowledgebase and tried everything that sounded
remotely related. No success.

While I can get user file backups of the servers through the Entire Network
branch, that doesn't do me any good for getting the NDS info.

From the historical posts, it sounds like this isn't a new problem, but at
the same time nobody seems to have posted a solution yet. Has anybody been
through this and, if so, gotten it fixed?


Chris Gilmore