Hi, I have three servers here that I take backups from. All of them are
Winnt 4.0 (sp6). I use a HP Surestore 718 autoloader on one of these machines
and backup the others to this across the network. I tried to install the
open file option earlier today and had no problems with the local server
or one of the remote servers. The other server however gave some trouble
after the installation. Nobody on the network could get access to any of
the shared documents on it, the following error kept appearing: "There is
not enough server storage available to process this command". This server
also runs Lotus notes 4.6, and Quota Advisor. The problem stopped when I
uninstalled OFO from this machine. Can anyone tell me why this might have
happened, or has anyone come across this problem before. Also, can you backup
notes databases using OFO?

Thanks in advance,