We are running Backup Exec 8.0 rev.3311 and using an ADIC Scalar 218 with
one DLT 4000 20/40GB drive and 18 cartridges. With this system we back up a
group of 10 NT servers. We have a Full backup scheduled every Friday and
Incrementals for Mon-Thu. All of the NT servers are backed up into the same
media set and the incremental job usually spans 3 tapes. If I look at the
amount of data backed up on each cartridge I get numbers that vary widely.
For instance, this mornings tapes showed in oder 24GB, 48Gb and 56GB. I
have a hard time believing that the data compression varies that much. What
are these numbers? It would appear that they are some form of aggregate
from within the media set but I don't see anything that explains the
numbers. Help!!