I am currently running BENT 8.0 build 3316 on a Windows 2000 server. I have
the accellerator agent installed for a Netware 4.11 server. While the Netware
server is backing up, login time slows dramatically (a single login can take
upto 30 minutes) and so does access to data and applications. The server
running Netware is a Dell Poweredge 4400 with dual PIII XEON 733, 512 MB
of RAM(it also has the latest SP from Novell). The server running Windows
2000 is the same. The backups run at 1:00 in the morning when there are
only 15 or so users logged into the Netware server. Is there any thing I
can tweak in BENT or on the netware server to help resolve this?