The Vital Statistics:
Windows NT Server 4.0 SP 6a
BE 8.0 Build 3114
Onstream SC30 Drive on separate Adaptec AHA2930U Controller
Drive Firmware Rev. 1.08
Latest NT Driver installed

The Problem:

Media in a media set with 1hour Overwrite and Infinite Append, seems to
loses it's label.

I labeled four tapes and placed them in a media set. After the allocation
time expired, I did test backups on them. The first two did fine, BE
detected the label, and backed up fine. The third, BE relabeled **000017.
When I looked at the media set, the original was there, and the new one
also. Both had the same Media ID. I loaded the fourth, and Inventoried the
drive. It came up as .

I would appreciate any ideas anyone has...


Dave Field
Camp Snoopy
Bloomington, MN