I've got an odd problem with BE 7.3 build 2575 with the patch. Here it

My INCREMENTAL media set has an overwrite time of 90 dyas, append time
of 31. When a tape gets written to, an put into the media set, the media
tab shows an append time of None. This happens once the tape is put into
the media set.
When viewing the properties of these misbehaving tapes from the devices
tab (changer slots), what should be the correct append time appears. Apparently
since the media set says there is no append time left BE won't append to
the tape.
What's frustrating is that only 6MB of a 7GB tape have been used wasting
valuable resources. Also, if you move the used tape to scratch media you've
effectively destroyed your backups until the next full or differential backup
is performed.
Does anyone have any ideas about the cause/solution for this problem?