Does anyone out there use RightFax and have trouble backing up the \image
folder? I am current running Veritas v7.3 Build 2575 Revised with the latest
OFO patch installed. I have been getting a lots of "In Use -Skipped" or
"Corrupted File - Can't Verify" error when backing up the \Imag folder.
Then my backup ends with "OFO: Not enough disk space....." and "a min of
30MB of available disk space to start OFO is needed..." errors

The Skipped/Corrupted files are not really corrupted, because BackupExec
will have no problem backing those files up the next day.

I have also tried to stop all the RightFax services, decreased the Min Quiet
Time to 2 sec and increased Max Quiet Time to 2000 sec according to Veritas's
TechNotes....still no luck.

Any idea?