We have a 4.2 server that has been experiencing multiple abends during backups
using our 7.3 NT enterprise software. The abends seem to happen just after
the Server Specific Info is backed up and it has moved on to backing up the
one and only volume. This can happen 1 Gb into the backup of SYS: or it
can happen after only 20 Mbs. We recently patched the server with sp8a in
the hopes it wouild solve this problem that has been happening for several
months now. No luck. I have followed Novell's abend troubleshooting docs
and have removed all non-critical nlm's. I also deleted and reinstalled
the backup agent software as well as redefined the backup jobs themeselves.
Also, these abends seem to happen only on the weekends when we run our only
full backups.

Any ideas? We recenlty loaded the baxter.nlm but are unsure it will work
because of the multiple abends as opposed to a single one. Also, do we even
have to backup the server specific info? I think I read somewhere that we
don't and I cannot see anything to restore from it in the selection list.

Please post any responses back to this thread in the newsgroup.

I appreciate any assistance!