Sure you can. You need 3 jobs. (maybe 4 - if your weekly full backup
is on a separate tape.)

With only 1 tape per week:
1) As done with your #1, set to overwrite.
2) Incremental for each night (Mon-Thurs), set to append.
3) Full of just that dir. each night (Mon-Thurs), set to append. Make
it run an hour or so (depends on your needs) after incremental.

With 2 tapes per week:
1) as done above.
2) Incremental on Mon night, set to overwrite on different tape than
3) Incremental on Tue-Thurs, set to append.
4) full of just that dir (like above)

No problem...

Kevin Cobb wrote in message
> I've been asked to provide a solution I'm not quite sure can be

> and wondered if anyone out there might possibly be able to shed a

> light my way.
> Requirement.
> 1) Provide one full backup a week (easy and done)
> 2) Provide a weekly incremental backup and a full backup of one

> on the same tape. Leave the tape unejected for the next evenings

> backup. Eject on Thursday night and prepare for the Complete full

> Only one tape drive is available, so both the incremental and nightly

> (of one directory) should be done on the same tape, and run each night

> succession until ejected thursday night.
> I'm not sure this can be done without a script or something, but

cannot find
> information to push myself in the right direction. I believe it'll

> to be a daily seperate tape to run both the full and incremental on.
> Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Kevin Cobb