I am having a somewhat similar problem with a Sony SDT-7000
DDS-2 drive. It was working fine for several months until the
amount of data that was being backed up increased to over 2 gig. The
and tapes are 4/8 gig. The amount of data that
has backed up has changed sporatically. One night it stopped at
1.2 gig, one night at 1.6 gig, one night at 1.8 gig and then back
down to 1.2 gig last night. No error message - just insert a new tape.
When I insert a new tape it continues and all is fine. I downloaded the
most recent driver and installed it
but it made no difference. I am in the process of downloading build 725
(currently have version 7.0 build 719). Any thoughts
would be appreciated.