It's not about acceleration agent.
I've tried to stop it & nothing happens.

I've found out that when you disconnect entire computer with BE
from the server using server manager, it works for some time. But than
happens again. And sometimes it doesn'work at all.
So I've created new shares for disk D and it works fine with it.
I think that something is wrong with IPC$ connection.

"Ben A" wrote:
>I had the same problem here with one of our file and print servers. It

>connect to the D$ drive but it connects to the C$ drive. Spoke to

>on this and they have no idea as to what's going on. It worked once

>then it failed right after I got off the phone with the tech. (what

>Try disabling the NT Accelerator Agent, if your running it, and try the

> I don't know if it works yet but I'll know for sure tonight. NTAA is

>buggy software to begin with that I'm surprised that it's survived

>version upgrades.
>"Stephen Zweig" wrote:
>>I have Backup Exec v.7.3 installed on MS Terminal Server.
>>When I'm trying to backup files on remote server I've got an error

>>Access denied.
>>Unable to attach to \\Server\D$
>>Everything is fine with C$.
>>There is an error message in Event Log:
>>Event 1219
>>Credentials supplied conflicting with current set of credentials.
>>Everything worked fine until today.
>>I believe that it is NT problem, but may be you will help too.
>>Thank you,