How have you upgraded the Hardware.
Usering the same Haarddisks and Controllers and only more Memory and CPU
Or have you copied the Disks as "image" ?
Exchange is not very easy. You can find a "Exchange desaster recovery
Paper" on You can learn a lot about rights,
service accounts etc.

I think you did:
Install a new server with same name and same software.
ANd now you want to restore single meilboxes or the Information store

But creating a new machine creates a new Machine ID. If you createt a
new Domain, you have also new SIDs etc.
Please describe exactly, how you "upgraded" your hardware. There are to
many options. (And BackupExec is not the problem at the moment i think)

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> Posted At: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 8:56 PM
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> Conversation: Restoring files to a moved exchange machine
> Subject: Restoring files to a moved exchange machine
> I have recently moved my exchange machine from one server to
> another- I have
> not upgraded the sofware- just the machine. I went to restore
> the mailboxes
> to the new machine and I'm unable to restore to this new
> machine. It gives
> me the following error:
> Unable to restore to directory\name of directory
> Access denied- unable to restore file\name of file
> I have checked all my permissions within backup and
> everything seems to be
> alright....... I am able to backup files on this
> machine------ I just cannot
> restore them! Is there anybody that has moved their exchange
> machine and
> has experienced these types of errors???? If so I would
> really appreciate
> any type of input.
> Najla Nichols
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