I had the same problem. I could see all of the files on the
remote server in the Selection screen, but when the backup ran I
received the error mentioned below. In an attempt to resolve the
error, I tried to remove the remote server from the backup
selection list. BE7.3 politely asked me for a login and
password, I entered the domain\account and password. Once I
entered the domain\account and password I thought I would give
the backup another try and I have not had and trouble since.

Hope this helps, good luck.


Charlie Warner wrote:
> I know I know, this has been mentioned by numerous people before !
> However, I have tried all of the suggestions and I am still having

> with 3 of my NT Servers. Other servers work ok.
> All servers are in different domains, backup user exists in all

domains with
> the same password.
> error message is as follows :-
> Unable to attach to \\NOTESHUB\C.
> The item was not found.
> ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
> Unable to attach to \\NOTESHUB\C.
> ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
> Any more ideas ?
> Charlie

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